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Sarah Blake is thirty-eight and on the verge of divorce.

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Empty and directionless, she’s a far cry from the smart, beautiful cheerleader whose life was once so full of promise. As she nervously awaits the scheduled reunion with her high school friends, she thinks back to twenty years earlier when it all went wrong…

The year is 1995, the summer before their senior year. Sarah’s life is perfect. Until a childhood friend reenters her life and threatens to change everything. Torn between old friends and new, Sarah finds herself caught in the crossfire, triggering a cascade of events that culminates into a single moment. A moment that changes their lives forever.

Interlaced with the highs and lows of a coming-of-age summer, Sarah’s Fall is a powerful story of obsessive jealousy, questionable loyalties, shocking consequences, and one woman’s lifelong struggle to overcome an unspeakable event.

Sarah's Fall, a Novel by Paula Riehle

Available in Paperback and eBook

“Riehle’s depiction of the ebb and flow of teen relationships is pitch-perfect… Highly recommended.” —BlueInk Review

“With absorbing depictions... Sarah’s Fall is a coming-of-age novel that celebrates the power of forgiveness.” —Foreword Clarion Reviews

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About the Author

Paula Riehle is a financial professional turned fiction writer from Chicago, a city near and dear to her heart. A fan of all things ’80s, she will challenge anyone to prove to her why it wasn’t the best decade ever. A voracious traveler, her passion is showing her children the world, especially those off-the-beaten-path finds like custom 3D cappuccinos and fake food-making classes in Japan.

In her downtime, you will find her playing Halo or Call of Duty with her family. Or wearing a mushroom costume at a Flaming Lips show. She currently lives in Downers Grove, Illinois, with her husband, three kids, and three cats.

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